Team - who we are

    Larissa Nietner
    Larissa NietnerCEO
    The driving force and visionary behind STEMgem.
    Scott Nill
    Scott NillCTO
    Scott built on innovation from industry to come up with our unique technology.
    Adrienne Jacobson
    Adrienne JacobsonSchools & Clubs
    Adrienne's background is both in high school education and fashion. She helps us develop lesson plans and make STEMgem meaningful in any context.

    Contributors & Alumni

    Eva Olbers
    Eva OlbersHarvard (HKS) '19
    Passionate about education, Eva worked at BCG, Microsoft Ventures, and Knewton before joining STEMgem in 2018 as a cofounder to help with fundraising and business development.
    Francisca Barrios
    Francisca BarriosHarvard (HGSE) '16
    Francisca developed our marketing and business plan during her master's program at Harvard's Graduate School of Education. She is driven to empower young women and girls everywhere.
    Chris Larry
    Chris LarryMIT '19
    Chris helped us implement our system, both hardware and software, using the most innovative technologies. He is a computer science student at MIT and never afraid to work on the cutting edge.
    Lucy Xu
    Lucy XuBoston Latin School '17, Cornell '21
    Lucy interned with us through Science Club for Girls in 2016/17 and shaped how users interact with our coding platform, making it very intuitive to use. She is now a Computer Science student at Cornell.
    Annie Chen
    Annie ChenMIT '18
    Annie joined us as a student at MIT and helped to shape and design the user interaction that makes STEMgem so unique. She is now in iPhone Product Design at Apple.
    Sariya Siddiqui
    Sariya SiddiquiHarvard (HGSE) '16
    Sariya developed the concept for our projects community while she was at Harvard, making the experience engaging and meaningful.
    Hajin Park
    Hajin ParkWellesley College '17
    As a student of psychology at Wellesley, Hajin joined us and designed surveys, interviews, and test sessions and came up with the most impactful product ideas.
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